We thank WAcademy for the work done on the layout of the individual design layout of our store's website and the programming of additional modules. All work was completed on time and in accordance with the task. The issues arising in the process were resolved along the way without any problems for the customer. A positive impression was created from the cooperation – a reasonable business approach prevails: WAcademy is aimed at solving specific problems of the client and fulfilling his wishes. Good luck and prosperity to you!Date of experience: October 19, 2022
2022 19 10
WAcademy made my dream come true! Thanks to WAcademy, I’ve seen finally my dream come true. The process built by WAcademy is easy, it starts with the form, and once filled in, in a few weeks your website is ready. I was nicely surprised by how their student understood my needs and how everything was built with attention to detail, exactly how I was thinking of. Now I have a very nice, clean, and easy-to-use online magazine, with all the features an online magazine should have! Thanks, WAcademy you are The Best and I think the only one making Free websites in Romania!
2022 25 09
Steve TheMagicmindman Rated 4 out of 5 starsI was surprised and delighted with the speed and professionalism of Wacademy. I was a tricky client with not much to work with and was always late with requests. However, Ernesta and the team have produced a decent website very quickly. I would have liked a bit more guidance on my ‘vision’ (which was non-existent) at the beginning of the process which is why I deducted one star. However, I will happily recommend them to anyone!Date of experience: July 02, 2022
Steve TheMagicmindman
2022 02 06
Beautiful website and is very professional looking. I had a very positive experience with W Academy, they built my website and it looks very professional and ready to attract customers. They were responsive anytime I had questions. I am so glad I signed up because my website looks so beautiful 😍 Honestly this price is so worth it! Thank you guys, awesome work! My website is Starlahealing.com
Laura Valencia
2022 05 09
MY NEW WEBSITE IS STUNNING!!! I was a bit apprehensive when I was filling out the form I came across on a facebook add. Free website design? I thought there had to a catch, but no its exactly that, all you have to do is get your hosting and transfer your domain name. This process was all explained by John and there was no pressure, no hidden catches, all information was provided. I have had a great experience with WAcademy and my project manager Ernesta was great for communication and I can't thank her and my student designer Kristina enough. They have gave me a website that I am super proud of. Nothing was too much to ask when it came to the revisions and the professional standard truly is amazing. Thank you very much and I am ecstatic with the end result. This is a great program they are running for small business like myself who need support and can't afford to spend $2000 on a website. Also giving the student designer a real client and brief is rewarding and helps build their portfolio for future work. It gives you the foundation to have a beautiful designed page that you then have full control over and can edit at anytime. Here's my website if anyone wants a preview of what you can expect to achieve... www.laurenshawphotography.com Thanks again to WAcademy, I will sing your praises to any new small business that this program could help. 5 star service! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Lauren Shaw
2021 03 03
Amazing service from W Academy. I cannot recommend them enough. Karolina my project manager is exceptional. I’m so thankful for her excellent communication and unwavering support. Most importantly, thank you to my student who did such a fantastic job in bringing my vision for my website to life. Thank you so much for your dedication and attention to detail. I am in love with my new website. Thank you so much to W Academy, Karolina, my student and everyone involved in the building of my website. I’m so happy and proud of the work you’ve done.
Somto O
2021 04 02
Elena was great and has done a brilliant job creating my website
Clare Marie Hutton
2021 03 14
Easy to Communicate with. A total Exceptional Service. W Academy is the best i ever worked with.
2021 02 27
We have been very happy with our new website! It looks professional and very easy to navigate. Our experience with the customer service at WAcademy has been great. Anthony handled things very efficiently and she’s always available for any questions we have. They also keep us updated on monthly reports so we know how our site is doing. I would recommend WAcademy to anyone looking for website design or SEO work!
Alec Lynch
2020 08 31
What I had in mind is exactly what was created, I’m very happy with my website. I have only good things to say about the team, everybody I spoke to was positive and helpful. I still don’t quite know how you are able to give away websites, particularly of this quality, but I am so happy to have found you and to have been invited onto your programme. Without reservation, I am happy to recommend the W Academy
2020 08 28
I'm very thankful to team W Academy for good job! After edits, all my requests and wishes were taken into account) my web site now is very cool! thank you! wish you a big success!
Maina Valenis
2022 24 10
This was a very easy and simple process, Michael was easy to work with, just a great experience. I would recommend W academy to anyone.
Guy Charles
2022 20 10
WAcademy is Wow! Academy If there is one word I can use to describe my experience with WAcademy is Wow!Academy. I had a great experience with them since I first approached them. They are fast, reliable, customer-oriented, and providing great services and websites. Thank you again for your support!
Titus Peride
2022 08 09
Absolutely outstanding experience with WAcademy. At first, I was very skeptical and thought it was too good to be true. It's not 100% free as you need to pay for the hosting but that's only a small price to pay when you receive such a beautiful and professional website. Ernesta and her team are amazing at what they do and I would 100% recommend them to anyone who is after a professional website My website it charlottejacobs.co.uk
Charlotte Jacobs
2022 23 09
I was very satisfied with my created webpage. The designer understood fully my expectations about the website I imagined. My project manager, Ernesta was responsive and professional about my asking for changes. It's super easy to edit my website. I'm very happy about it.
Márta Rinyu
2022 01 09
I had a fantastic experience with W Academy. They were incredibly responsive and built a website for my business, all in the time that I was on vacation. I've wanted a website for my business for so long but felt incapable to do it myself. In my eyes, W Academy made the impossible possible and brought my vision to life. It saved me a lot of energy and I am so pleased with the outcome
Alison Montebello
2022 22 07
I am over the moon!!!! W academy offered to create a website for me for free and I decided to give it a try without any expectations. W academy created an amazing website for my modeling agency in Los Angeles called Elegant Network: it looks very professional and very user-friendly, honestly it looks better than any other agency's website in Los Angeles. They were really great to communicate with as well. I’m just starting my business so I couldn’t really afford to pay high-ranked developers. I still can’t believe how fortunate I am to have my website developed for me for free with top-notch quality. Thank you W Academy for helping my dream come true!Date of experience: May 27, 2022
Anya Shevchenko
2022 27 06
I would highly recommend WAcademy. The service is amazing, and incredibly professional! This company has worked on developing 2 websites for me so far, and everyone I have have shown my completed site to, has been blown away by the very high standard of work, and the second site, which is nearly complete, is also absolutely stunning! ⭐️ I still need to build 2 more websites, and I’ll definitely be using this service again to get them done. Thanks to the designers, and all who have worked on my projects, and a very special thank you to Elena, the project manager. You are a truly a pro!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. 10 out of 10!! Thank you very much! I’m incredibly pleased! 🥳😊🙌🙌⭐️Xxx
Salwa Moujir
2021 02 24
I'm really proud of my new website, even though I didn't design it! This is real testament to how the designer listened to my wants, read all the information I sent and really 'felt' my project. The communication was good and I knew exactly what to expect. I asked lots of questions and got decent, detailed responses. I have a website that looks professional and once it is 'live' you are sent a basic explanation of how to add and maintain the website. I highly recommend WAcademy!
Sheila West
2021 02 16
I can’t believe I have a website! Elena was fab, it seemed too good to be true I was amazed when I seen it. Thanks so much! Really recommend 5 out of 5 stars
Holly Andrews
2021 01 09
Great communication throughout, and a final web page which is EXACTLY how I dreamt it would be! The designer clearly read my brief carefully, looked at the websites I said I liked, and created a great, user-friendly webpage which fits all my needs.
2021 03 21
HuCo Services Ltd Excellent support and development with continual feedback during development
Gregory Fitchett
2021 03 04
Great service, would highly recommend! Elena was really helpful and supportive through the process and I am very happy with my new wesbite!
2021 03 10
I dont usually write reviews, but I really want to thank WAcademy for my website! Very pleasant and easy experience working with the student and the project manager. Really recommend!
Dainora Jan
2020 12 20
I was initially doubtful that my website would be created especially considering I am working in a village were communication is very restricted because internet reception is a real nightmare.
Farisai Dzemwa
2020 10 12
A reliable company worth recommending. They made a page for me in a flash according to all my wishes. In my opinion and in the opinion of several people who asked for their opinion, my website looks very good and professional both on the phone and the computer. I am very satisfied and recommend it 100%. Thank you very much to the whole team and best regards, you are doing a great job🙂
2020 07 30
Getting something for nothing sounds too good to be true, but in this case it was exactly as promised. I have a great website which was in fact free, and the W Academy were super throughout. Communication was great, as was the collaboration. Why can’t there be more out there like this!
Charlie Xu
2020 08 24
Thank you so much, dear Wacademy team, for my website lmkids.co! Thank you for your patience as well. I was delaying giving information for my website for a couple of months! I think I seriously was one of the worst clients they ever had, but the manager was checking up on me, kindly reminding me that she is still waiting. Then after I was ready, it took extremely fast to get my website done! I was provided with all the information on how to change things on my website. And this experience was just wonderful!
Daria Oleyar
2022 01 09
Fantastic collaboration! WAcademy helped me to build a website from scratch. I was impressed by their promptness, attention to detail, and the fact that they thoroughly explained the whole process. In terms of deliverables, they accomplished what we wanted to achieve efficiently. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WAcademy!
Loredana Zdrânc
2022 22 09
Website Developer program I was selected to participate in their website developer program. They exceeded expectations and brought my vision to life with a very execution on site. Support and contact throughout the process was great!
Tauriq Adams
2022 08 09
Great for start-ups I’m so pleased with the outcome of my website, for someone who needed assistance with a website and is a start-up it was great to have this service provided to me. You will still need to pay for the running fees through Getspace but your website development is free through WAcademy, which is to be expected, everyone has to pay for running fees. I live in Australia so the time difference in trying to communicate with my project manager made things a little confusing, a few times it went around in circles but I am still very pleased with the outcome and happy I used this service
Shanae Cox
2022 28 09
W Academy produced a professional service at a very affordable cost, which as a start-up company I am very grateful for. They listened to what I wanted now I have an eye-catching and well-functioning website.
Deirdre Simpson
2022 25 06
I own a very super cool website now. I'm happy to say that I own a very super cool website thanks to W Academy. They have done first-class work, they did it very well. I was really impressed with the quality, design, and details of the website. The whole process was a clear, quick, simple, and very smooth experience. I can't recommend it enough.
Elisa B.
2022 11 05
WAcademy did a great job of designing and producing my website...5 out of 5....thank you, Elena and Nick!
Sue Burnett
2021 02 03
I can't believe how fantastic my new website looks! The process was really easy, and they clarified every detail before they implemented it, if my description of what I wanted wasn't clear. The hosting provider is a similar price to my existing host, and gives free email 😃 I'm now proud to tell people my web address, and that's a huge step forward for my business. THANK YOU SO MUCH WAcademy for creating this link between web design students of excellent caliber and businesses who need new websites! I hope to direct many friends and business owners to your services for future courses, they will be delighted!
James Goodhew
2021 02 10
Elena was so helpful and professional! The design was completed very quickly and any amendments were carried out within hours. Amazing service and would highly recommend.
Millie Talbot
2021 01 15
Fantastic service from start to finish. The project manager provided guidance and support from the start and continued till the project was finished. Karolina ensured that the work handed over to us was acceptable and to our requirements.
2021 04 27
I really enjoyed working with the project manager, Elena. She was consistently swift in responding to my emails and any initial concerns. The website design came up 'trumps'. I had imagined something quite different to how it would look, and it looks exactly like I would like it to be. Engaging, clean, contemporary and elegant. The links all work and the logo design is also a perfect design to my brief. Thank you to all the team from start to finish it was a positive and productive journey.
2021 03 09
I would like to express my gratitude to the team that worked on my website, the developer and communication girl, who was always so good at getting in touch with me and also giving me the status.I am very happy about my website and all the support I have received along the way.Thanks to Ernesta and all the people that were involved in my project.
Irma Valantinaite
2021 04 01
Wacademy has been a delight to do business with, their communication is close to excellent and I have been pleased with their service..
Ben philip
2020 09 15
Professional and excellent!!!!! My project manager Elena was dedicated and very good at her work 10/10.
Vincent Briatore
2020 09 10
The W Academy did just what they said they would. There were no hidden catches and the whole process worked just as I was told that it would. I am delighted with my website and I found working with them to be a really positive experience. Thank you guys, I am happy to recommend you and am grateful for the opportunity you gave me.
2020 08 26
I am absolutely delighted with my new website and the design support is absolutely free. My new website turned out just as I imagined it would be fresh, vibrant and user friendly. Once I sent the information for the design and content to W A academy the process was very efficient. The team manager Anna was really helpful in getting everything tweaked on the website before launching. I highly recommend W Academy.
2020 07 27
Superb Professionalism and Implication I am very grateful for the job W Academy has done for me. I am horrible at technology but i received support, information, suggestions, and help during the implementation. I had an amazing experience with them and 100% sure that I'll collaborate with the team again. My website looks perfect! Thank you!
Alina Popa
2022 10 10
Guys did a good job creating our Flowers and coffee website. They showed us dedication and professionalism. They were very responsive and met our expectations. I would recommend their services <3))
Flowers Coffee
2022 09 10
Smooth process of transitioning and updating our website, taking on board our feedback and creative ideas and implementing them in a professional and stylish manner. The guides on keeping our website up to date are also really useful allowing us to control and manage future updates.
Matt Tooth
2021 03 09
I had the best experience with W Academy. Ernesta, my manager, was very professional and ready to answer my questions. What I would recommend before starting to fill up your form with the details of your website, is to have already a very clear idea of what you want and all your pictures ready.
Liliana Scuderi
2022 20 07
A fantastic offer bringing web design students and clients together Although crossed paths in an unexpected way (found Wacademy through an Instagram ad) I have been very pleased with the service provided and the add-ons installed making my website super nice, safe, professional, and functioning. Ideas explored and suggestions discussed were all taken into consideration. A massive thank you to the graphic designer, the web designer, the web developer, and the project manager!
2022 23 08
Beautiful website and professional looking My dream came through. I've got my website very fast and it's much better than I expected..believe me, you get more than what you pay for... I'm thankful to Michael the project manager, Sam, and to all students of the academy for this awesome work. Many thanks again and again. My website is Stevianow.uk
John Pappas
2022 06 09
I'm very pleased with my new website. It is exactly what I imagined and more. I was a bit skeptical about their claim of a "free" website and of course, it was not, because you have to sign up with their recommended hosting provider; but I was already looking for a new company to host my website and the deal they offered was great, so I was more than happy to go ahead. The whole website creation process was very easy and Ernesta was always there to offer help (even on Jubilee weekend). I explained my timescale and Ernesta worked with me to fit the whole process into my own schedule. The end result is beautiful. Thank you 🙂 Martina @ The Training Umbrella
2022 27 06
W Academy did a great job in producing our website. They were extremely helpful in helping us work out what we wanted and needed. Any feedback we gave was promptly acted upon. The web designer did a beautiful job in adding some elements that made our website look extremely professional.
Steve Ashford-Bown
2021 04 27
I was so impressed by the service the project manager kept me informed all the way through the process, I was so impressed by the student who made my website, end result of my website it is exactly what I wanted, the overall look was easy to navigate and stylish.
Earthy Bond
2021 04 26
We were naturally a bit cautious of a free service as we all have been taught "there is no such thing as a free lunch!" But I can honestly say this is as near a free lunch as it gets. Sure you have to pay for at least one years hosting with their recommended hosting company, but it is not overpriced. We opted to take the 3 year package which made it even better value as far as we were concerned, and meant we did not have to worry about renewing it for a while. The programmers were very good and did everything we requested and we were very pleased with the end result. If you need a website this is a great way to get one sorted for free.
Alan Jones
2021 04 15
All good. I'm happy. Wacademy team really relaxed, helpful and supportive. One slight problem sorted without fuss. They listen to you, and have great Web design people who create modern, cool Websites that truly reflect your business.
Michael Williams
2021 03 01
Website is excellent, could have utilised more effective time management but overall very pleased.
2021 03 01
I love the Webside they made for me It looks really professional. Sometimes it was a little difficult because they were little details to change but I would do it again and highly appreciate it.
2021 03 02
Overall experience was great. Wacademy took the time to explain things to me and figure out exactly what I needed for my website. I needed a website for my catering businessan since I was on a tight budget, this was a perfect solution for me.
Valery Ceron
2020 09 14
I couldn't be happier with my choice of W Academy for my new website. Their team were easy to work with and helped me make a terrific website in a short amount of time. Thanks again Carl and all the W Academy team for your hard work I will recommend you to all my friends!
Israel Fernandez
2020 09 14
I am fully satisfied with this service. I had just little idea before and young people help me so much. Now I can thing on my free time and next project.
2020 08 10
So, I purchased the hosting that W Academy recommended me to get my free website. And it was surely worth my money, the website looks the way I wanted and it loads quickly.
2020 08 07
I have no words to explain the magnificent and professional work that Carl has done for me. I reach Carl after having after going thru a lot of hoops and loops I found W Academy and I can tell since day one all of them were very proficient, kind and knowledgeable. They totally understood what I was looking for and definitely they did a striking website for me. I cannot recommend this company enough to people they are just amazing!!!
2020 07 01

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